Mazda 3 since 2003
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. System of passive safety
1.3. Car use to destination
1.4. Elimination of the malfunctions which have arisen in a way or before a start of motion
1.4.1. Spare wheel and set of tools
1.4.2. Engine overheat
1.4.3. Car evacuation
1.4.4. General information and security measures at control survey and car maintenance
1.4.5. Lamps of devices of lighting and light alarm system
1.4.6. Care of a body and car salon Protection against corrosion Corrosion prevention Sink and drawing of wax paste Removal of spots Polishing and drawing of wax paste Repeated drawing of wax paste Care of bumpers Cleaning of salon of the car Upholstery cleaning from a genuine leather (the additional equipment) Cleaning of carpets Cleaning of seat belts Sink of glasses
1.5. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body


1-4-6-1-zashhita-ot-korrozii.html Protection against corrosion

Reasons of emergence of corrosion of the car:
1. Road salt, dirt and the moisture collecting under the bottom of the car.
2. Chips of paint or sheetings stones, gravel, insignificant chips and dents.
If you live in the region (country) where the car regularly is exposed to influence of corrosion factors, protection against corrosion is especially important. Some reasons of strengthening of corrosion are road salt, the chemical preparations applied on roads, sea air and aggressive emissions of production.
Moisture creates conditions for the most intensive development of corrosion. For example, emergence of corrosion is considerably accelerated at high humidity, especially at temperature of freezing of water. In such conditions corrosion and active materials contact to car surfaces through badly evaporating moisture.
Dirt is a typical reason of emergence of corrosion because it slowly dries and promotes contact of moisture to the car. Even if dirt seems dry, it can still contain moisture and promote emergence of corrosion. High temperatures too cause corrosion of badly ventilated parts of the car on which moisture settles. For these reasons it is very important to keep during the whole year the car clean, regularly to delete from it dirt and accumulation of other materials. It belongs not only to visible sites, but also to the car bottom.

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