Mazda 3 since 2003
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body
8.1. General information
8.2. Hinged components of a body
8.3. Body glazing
8.3.1. Windscreen removal
8.3.2. Windscreen installation
8.3.3. External rear-view mirrors
8.3.4. Removal and installation of an external mirror with the electric drive
8.3.5. Dismantling and assembly of an external mirror with the electric drive
8.4. Seats
8.5. Conditioner and heater
8.6. Tables

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8.3.1. Windscreen removal

Disconnect a negative wire from the storage battery.
Remove the following elements:
– the lever of a screen wiper of a windscreen with a brush;
– lattice of a guard of a front;
– rear-view mirror;
– the rain sensor (Cars with automatic system of cleaning of a windscreen);
– overlay of a forward rack;
– antisolar peak;
– mate lamp.
Take aside a roof upholstery.
Put a protective tape on edge of the case.
Put a protective tape on the dashboard to exclude its damage.

Fig. 8.38. Lines of a cut of a sealant of a windscreen

To Srezhjta ledge of a fringing of a windscreen razor (fig. 8.38).

Cars with automatic system of cleaning of a windscreen have the sensor which is built in a windscreen. If the sensor fails, it should be replaced together with a windscreen. After initial setup of the sensor of a rain it cannot be used with other sensor of automatic system of cleaning of a windscreen therefore the rain sensor also should be replaced with the new.

Windscreen reuse
Remove a basis.

Fig. 8.39. Lines of a cut of a sealant of a windscreen

To Srezhjta a sealant on glass perimeter, using a sealant stripper (fig. 8.39).
Extend a sealant.
Remove a windscreen.
Windscreen reuse

Before removal of a windscreen mark the provision of glass by a tape naleivaniye on a windscreen and body panels.

Fig. 8.40. An opening in a sealant

Pricker make in a sealant an opening operating from car salon (fig. 8.40).

Fig. 8.41. String installation

Pass through an opening the special adaptation (string), having cut off it till the necessary length (fig. 8.41).
Wind the ends of the special adaptation (string) round cores.

Cut a sealant operating with the adaptation as a saw, the string should work on all length to prevent its break owing to a local overheat.

Fig. 8.42. Sealant cutting

Holding one end of the special adaptation (string) and extending another, cut off a sealant on windscreen perimeter.

As the top part of a pin is pasted to a sealant, cut off it the special adaptation (string).

Cut out pins.
Remove a windscreen.
Mark the provision of pins and remove pins from a windscreen.
Remove a windscreen fringing.

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