Mazda 3 since 2003
1. Operation and car maintenance
1.1. Car description
1.2. System of passive safety
1.3. Car use to destination
1.4. Elimination of the malfunctions which have arisen in a way or before a start of motion
1.5. Tables
1.5.1. Table 1.1 car Dimensions
1.5.2. Table 1.2 Technical characteristics of engines (all models)
1.5.3. Table 1.3 Refueling capacities of units and the systems, recommended operational materials
1.5.4. Requirement table 1.4 to oils and working liquids
1.5.5. Table 1.5 of the Characteristic of pistons
1.5.6. Table 1.6 Technical characteristics
1.5.7. Table 1.7 of Operation on maintenance
1.5.8. Table 1.8
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body



1.5.7. Table 1.7 of Operation on maintenance

П–To check: To check, clear, repair, adjust or to replace if necessary.
3–To replace
About – to Clear
With – to Merge a water sediment
T – to Tighten

* Indications of the odometer or months, that will come earlier.

*1 Besides, check a condition and a tension of belts of a drive of the pump of the hydraulic booster and the conditioner compressor (at existence on the car).
*2 Check type of spark plugs on marking on candles. See technical characteristics of spark plugs.
*3 If the car is maintained in the conditions of a strong dust content of air, it is necessary to clear periodically and if necessary to replace the air filter more often, than is specified in the table. Consult at service station of the official dealer of Mazda.
*4 Belt of the gas-distributing mechanism is subject to replacement through each 240000 km of run of the car or 10 years. Default of the specified requirement can lead to an engine exit out of operation.
*5 If for operation of the car one of listed below conditions is characteristic at least, it is necessary to replace engine oil and the oil filter through each 10000 km of run or is more often. Consult at service station of the official dealer of Mazda.
– High dust content of air.
– Long operation of the engine idling or long movement of the car on small speed.
– Long operation at low temperature of air or regular trips only on short distances (when the engine does not manage to get warm to normal working temperature).
*6 If on a cover of a radiator or about it there is "FL22" marking, it is necessary to use cooling liquid of the FL22 brand. At replacement of cooling liquid in system of cooling of the engine use FL22 brand liquid.
*7 If brake mechanisms of the car are maintained with big loading (for example, at a dynamic manner of driving, at car operation in the mountain district) or at very high humidity of air, it is necessary to replace brake liquid annually.

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1.5.8. Table 1.8