Mazda 3 since 2003
1. Operation and car maintenance
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
7.1. General information
7.2. Power supply system
7.2.1. Storage battery
7.2.2. Generator
7.2.3. Starter Check on the car Check without loading Removal and starter installation
7.3. Lighting system
7.4. Screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
7.5. Immobilizer
7.6. Electric equipment checks
7.7. Tables
8. Body


7-2-3-2-proverka-bez-nagruzki.html Check without loading

Be convinced that the battery is completely charged.

Fig. 7.10. The connection scheme to a voltmeter and ampermeter starter

Connect to a starter the voltmeter and the ampermeter, as is shown in drawing 7.10.
Start a starter and be convinced that it works evenly.
Measure tension and a current in starter operating time.
Rated voltage: 11 Century.
Nominal current: no more than 60 And.
If tension or a current do not correspond to the description, repair or replace starter components.

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